Thursday, April 23, 2015

what color is marsala? I'm still not sure i know.

Meh -- is pretty much what I thought when I first heard that marsala was selected as the Pantone color for 2015.  The color was different everywhere I looked - from dark red, to almost rust, to a chalky maroon.  I dug deep into the stash, bought a couple of new marsala-ish prints and cobbled together this:

I think I am in love.  I wanted the quilt to look like marsala from afar.  Like if you forgot your glasses and needed to squint.  Of if you were mixing up paint.   

It does a little redder here in natural light -- than I had intended.  Not sure how successfully I made marsala?   This picture was taken in the middle of a windstorm - I think I might have even spied a snowflake.  I will try to take more without all the weird, gray shadows and wrinkles.  

I am amazed at how closely this resembles my design.  Being able to try out designs ahead of time has completely changed my style.  Although it never turns out exactly the same -- it gives me the confidence to undertake large projects.  

Up next is the quilting.  I am thinking maybe dense, straight, lines in marsala thread?  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

slightly punk rainbow hazels. finished.

I was hoping to get an outside pic -- but this is the best I have so far.

Face are Kona cotton. Bodies and spines are from my stash. It was such fun fussy cutting stripes for the spines. 

Back  is Julita fabric from ikea. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

punkish hedgehogs?

So I recently learned that a group of hedgehogs is called an array.  Could there be a more perfect way to describe these:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I hate when this happens...

I planned so very carefully to use up an entire layer cake of Mimosa fabric for a IG #insideadditionqal. I measured carefully and cut the entire stack without a single cutting mistake.  For me that is huge.  Huge. 

The I carefully arranged the tiny squares on my horizontal design surface (bedroom floor!) and started to piece it together.  All was fine until I realized that I was missing a single 2 x 2 square.


Can you see the problem?  It would have ruined my day - but I posted this on IG and a super kind quilter offered me a square.  
Now I am cleaning the workspace and trying to find it. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On the way to the post office...

It is a terrible weather day to take a quilt pic -- but my Pretty Potent Petal miniquilt is on its way to my swap partner!   I hope she loves it as much as I do.  

I made this from a charm stack of pretty potent (my swap partner is a lover of Anna Maria Horner fabric) and one random polka dot print.  The colors in the fabric are amazing -- and I love how they are highlighted by the white.  

To make:  Cut 25 - 5 inch squares of contrast fabric and pair with charms.  Make 4 HSTs from each pair and trim to 3 inch squares.  Arrange. Sew. Done!