Thursday, April 23, 2015

what color is marsala? I'm still not sure i know.

Meh -- is pretty much what I thought when I first heard that marsala was selected as the Pantone color for 2015.  The color was different everywhere I looked - from dark red, to almost rust, to a chalky maroon.  I dug deep into the stash, bought a couple of new marsala-ish prints and cobbled together this:

I think I am in love.  I wanted the quilt to look like marsala from afar.  Like if you forgot your glasses and needed to squint.  Of if you were mixing up paint.   

It does a little redder here in natural light -- than I had intended.  Not sure how successfully I made marsala?   This picture was taken in the middle of a windstorm - I think I might have even spied a snowflake.  I will try to take more without all the weird, gray shadows and wrinkles.  

I am amazed at how closely this resembles my design.  Being able to try out designs ahead of time has completely changed my style.  Although it never turns out exactly the same -- it gives me the confidence to undertake large projects.  

Up next is the quilting.  I am thinking maybe dense, straight, lines in marsala thread?